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Newly Elected State Attorney Angela Corey


Meet Angela Corey:

Newly elected State Attorney Angela Corey (R) is a second-generation Jacksonville resident. One of a brood of five, she grew up on the Southside, graduated from Englewood High School and is active in St. Johns Episcopal Cathedral where she has taught in Children's Chapel for the past 16 years.

The Crime Fighter:

Corey is a 26-year veteran of the District Four State Attorney's Office. She joined in 1981 under then-State Attorney Ed Austin after a year at Jacksonville Beach's Howell and Howell practicing insurance defense law. Corey is board certified in criminal trial law and has tried hundreds of cases including more than 50 murders. Before leaving the office in 2006, she served as director of its County Court Division and Gun Crime Unit. She is a highly sought after trainer conducting police officer, prosecutor, homicide and death penalty training for agencies nationwide, including the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Change Agent:

Most recently, Corey served the 7th Judicial Circuit as Assistant State Attorney in the homicide investigative unit of St. Johns County. She had been fired from the Fourth District office in 2006, a move that set off a media firestorm. Corey counters that much of the ensuing coverage was incomplete and that her employee file was exemplary until word of her intentions to run for her boss' office spread. Now that she's back, Corey promises sweeping administrative changes designed to help make the discovery process timelier and save taxpayers money, she says.


Over her career, Corey has racked up a mantle full of awards including the Distinguished Service Award from the office she'll now lead; Criminal Justice Distinguished Award from the Florida Council on Crime and Delinquency; Role Model for Women in the Area of Criminal Justice award from the Department of Corrections; Judicial Victim Advocate Award from the Mayor's Victim Assistance Advisory Council. "I have a passion for victims' rights and will always keep that in the forefront," she says.

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