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Who's Who in Jacksonville Government, Business and Media

Meet the movers and shakers in Jacksonville, including public officials, business leaders and members of the media.

Newly Elected State Attorney Angela Corey

Newly elected State Attorney Angela Corey promises sweeping changes in the office of Duval, Clay and Nassau counties' top prosecutor.

Meet Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton

We know - the guy’s short. But he’s big on improving life for Jacksonville residents, from the smallest ones on up. The former vice president and heir to Gate Petroleum, one of Florida’s largest privately-held companies, Mayor John Peyton brings a businesslike approach to governing the River City. And his RALLY Jacksonville! early literacy program has been replicated in cities nationwide.

Jacksonville City Council Members

Meet your City Council Members. Learn about their backgrounds, their day jobs and their efforts to improve life in Jacksonville. And find out when and where you can meet your representative face-to-face.

Duval County Public Schools Superintendent Ed Pratt-Dannals

As head of the nation's 20th largest school district, Duval County Public Schools Superintendent Ed Pratt-Dannals has his a big job on his hands. Under his leadership, Jacksonville's schools have launched a four-year strategic plan to ensure every Duval County public school student graduates with the knowledge and skills to succeed in post-secondary education and the workforce.

Duval County Public School Board Members

Each of Jacksonville's public school districts is represented by a highly respected local business or civic leader. Learn about the individual representing your child's school district.

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