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Downtown Southbank Historic Walking Tour


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One Prudential Plaza
Downtown Southbank Historic Walking Tour

Built in 1956, the Prudential Building, now owned by Aetna, was Florida's tallest at the time and served as a set for the sequel to the 1954 sci-fi classic, "Creature from the Black Lagoon."

Photo © City of Jacksonville
Next stop is One Prudential Plaza at 841 Prudential Drive. Originally home to the Prudential Insurance Co., the structure now belongs to Aetna and, for 13 years, was Jacksonville's tallest building. It was constructed in 1954 with materials native to the Southeast, including Alabama limestone, North Carolina pink granite and Georgia marble. Major renovations in 1988 and 2002 brought the building to its current look. But longtime locals will always remember the riverfront structure as part of the set for the sequel to the 1954 sci-fi classic, The Creature From the Black Lagoon.

If you're touring on a weekday, stop for lunch at Currents Riverview Bistro on the building's second floor. Enjoy beautiful river views and delectable Indian, Thai, Latin and European inspired dishes. And, if you're of age, try the signature cocktail, the Currentstini.

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