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Shipwreck Island - Not Just a Waterpark


About the Water Park:

Adventure Landing's Shipwreck Island bills itself as a Summer alternative to the beach with "No Sharks! No Sand! and No Jellyfish!" Although a water park is unlikely to completely satisfy beach enthusiasts, particularly surfers, it does a fantastic job of providing Summer entertainment fit for the whole family.

In addition to its half-million gallon wave pool, and a flowing "river" known as the Little St. John's, the park offers four "Xtreme" water slides: The Rage, Hydro Half-Pipe, Eye of the Storm and The Undertow (constructed in 2008).

Other Attractions:

More than just a water park, Adventure Landing also offers mini-golf, a full arcade, and an impressive go-cart track featuring NASCAR licensed carts.

Adventure Landing also has four "restaurants," including The Diner, The Wave Riders Grille and the La Cantina Cafe.

Where is It?:

Adventure Landing's Shipwreck Island is located at 1944 Beach Blvd. in Jacksonville Beach. There's also a location on Blanding Boulevard; however, it does not feature a water park.

Shipwreck Island is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the Summer season. It's also open for limited hours outside of Summer, although it's naturally closed when the weather gets too cold.

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