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Live well in Jacksonville. Find gyms, health and medical spas, yoga and pilates studios, and shops that specialize in healthy and organic fare. Locate both traditional and alternative healthcare providers. And get outside! Find walking and biking, kayak and rock climbing tours and clubs.
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Preparing for a Hurricane in Jacksonville
Jacksonville is generally safe from hurricanes. The last "direct hit" the city received was in 1871, although Hurricane Dora generated 120 mph winds (Category 2) in 1964, causing considerable damage to the city. Tropical Storm's Bonnie (2004) and Fay (2008), however, did cause considerable damage to some areas of the city.

Celebrate Ramadan in Jacksonville
Ramadan, the Islamic Holy month of fasting and prayer, begins on August 1st and ends on the 30th. Jacksonville FL has one of the largest Muslim communities in the South, although in the grand scheme of things it's still a rather small but tight-knit community.

Eight Ways to Find Love in Jacksonville
So Forbes.com says our fair city is lacking in the love department. We say there's hope yet. Learn how to find love in Jacksonville.

EPIC Surf Ministries
Grab your surf board and head to the beach for a great workout and a chance to share your faith.

Mayo Clinic Hospital opens, St. Vincent’s, St. Luke’s Merge
A doozy of a deal marks a new day for Jacksonville's three Grand Dames of healthcare.

Jacksonville Walking Trails
Get up and get outside for some fresh air, exercise and sight-seeing. The First Coast Trail Forgers offers info on great Northeast Florida walking trails, many featuring historic areas. See glimpses of ancient Native American cultures and the American Revolution, plus Pete’s Bar made famous by novelist John Grisham. Tips include best (and worst) times to walk and stroller and pet friendly trails.

10 Great Reasons to Go Organic
It's all the rage in among health food fanatics. Eating organic has proven to help reduce certain health risks and many swear by its healing potential. Among them: Native Sun Natural Foods owner Aaron Gottlieb who credits an organic diet with helping him beat the Epstein-Barr virus. But the advantages go far beyond the individual. Find out why organic is a greater-good choice.

Healthy Recipes from Grassroots Natural Market
Eating healthy need not be complicated or expensive and certainly need not be bland. If you're looking to improve your diet, Jacksonville Grassroots Natural Market offers an ever expanding collection of recipes for every diet type including vegan, sugar-free and macrobiotic. From Easy, Elegant Entrees to Delectable Desserts to quick, 15-minute meals you’re sure to find something delicious.

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