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Learn about Jacksonville's storied past including its stint as America's pre-Hollywood film capital. Meet colorful characters from the River City's past and present including famous and infamous faces who once called Jacksonville home. Plus get local stats and fun facts.
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Ax Handle Saturday
Ax Handle Saturday is known as the turning point of the civil rights movement in Jacksonville. Organized by the NAACP youth council, a group of African American students held what was supposed to be a peaceful protest in Woolworth’s and W.T. Grant’s. They sat at the “whites-only” counter and tried to order lunch but were denied service.

Merian C. Cooper Bio
Merian Caldwell Cooper was born on October 24, 1893 in Jacksonville, Fl. to John C. Cooper and Mary nee Caldwell. After graduating High School, Cooper joined the navy in 1912.

About the Great Fire of 1901 in Jacksonville, Florida
On May 3, 1901, one of the largest fires in United States history broke out in Jacksonville, Florida. The disaster began in a mattress factory located at the cross streets of Davis and Beaver in Jacksonville’s LaVilla area.

Famous Musicians and Bands from Jacksonville
Jacksonville has a storied musical history, primarily because a handful of Southern Rock superstars have emerged from the city. In recent years, a number of traditional rock and well-known Indie groups also have formed in Jacksonville and in the surrounding areas.

A Condensed History of Jacksonville, Florida
A brief history of Jacksonville, starting with prehistory and moving to the city's founding and up to the modern day.

Famous People From Jacksonville
Jacksonville is the birthplace and/or home to a number of celebrities in various fields. Due to Jacksonville's participation in the NFL since 1995, I've decided to exclude modern NFL players, including NFL and NCAA greats like Jimmy Smith, Tim Tebow and Fred Taylor. Because of the sheer number of well-known bands and musicians from the...

Movies Made in Jacksonville
The First Coast is no longer known as a haven for filmmakers, but a number of notable films have been shot in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Fun Facts & Trivia
A list of fun and interesting facts about Jacksonville. Impress your family and friends with your knowledge of the city.

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