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How to Register to Vote in Duval County


Jacksonville residents must register to vote to participate in national and local elections. The process of registering to vote is straightforward and can be done in several ways. Only US citizens and legal residents of Duval County can register to vote.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 30 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Obtain your voter registration application. You can fill out the electronic application online, and then print it from your home computer, or you can pick up an application from any local library or the Duval County Supervisor of Elections office.
  2. Fill out the application. The basic information required includes your full name, address, and driver's license or state ID number. If you don't have a driver's license or state ID card, you'll use the last four digits of your Social Security Number instead. You'll also select the political party you are affiliated with. If you aren't affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican party, choose Independent or fill in the blank with the minor party of your choice. Click here for a list of registered Florida political parties.
  3. Submit the application. You can turn in your voter registration application at the Duval Country Supervisor of Elections office. You can also mail the application to the office, or turn it in at any area library.

    The office's mailing address:

    Duval County Supervisor of Elections Office
    105 E. Monroe Street
    Jacksonville, FL 32202
  4. Receive your voter registration card. Your card will be mailed to you within one to two weeks. The card will have the voting location for your specific district. Bring it with you for verification on election day.


  1. If you have additional questions about registering to vote, contact the Duval County Supervisor of Elections office at (904) 630-1410.
  2. Applicants convicted of a felony will be unable to register to vote, unless their right to do so has been restored through the legal system.
  3. You must register to vote within 29 days of an upcoming election to vote in that election.
  4. If you lose your card, simply fill out another voter registration application to replace. In the top box, select "Replacement" instead of "New Registration."
  5. You can also register to vote at any area motor vehicle office when applying for, renewing, or changing your driver's license.

What You Need

  • State ID or Social Security Number

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