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Resources for Finding a Job in Jacksonville


Finding a job in Jacksonville can be a challenge if you don't have the right resources available. With an unemployment rate around 11.5 percent at the beginning of 2011, the job market is competitive, even for well-qualified seekers. According to a Wall Street Journal report, roughly 80 percent of available jobs are unlisted, which means networking is and likely will always be your best resource for finding a job. In addition to brushing up on your networking skills, take advantage of a handful of quality sources to help you find a job in Jacksonville.

Online Resources

Jacksonville's Craigslist

Many small and medium-size businesses post job openings on Craigslist. Because the service is free, it's a cost-effective option for them. Use caution when applying for a job you found on Craigslist; the service is largely unregulated which opens the door for scams, particularly those involving identity theft.

Employ Florida

Employ Florida is a job board created in partnership with Worksorce Florida, the state's regulatory board. It's mainly an aggregator of job listings but also includes some you won't find listed on other websites. You can upload a resume and apply for most jobs directly from the site.


Jobs.Jacksonville.com is the online job portal for The Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville's  largest newspaper. In addition to finding jobs posted in the newspaper's classified section, you'll find Jacksonville job listings syndicated through Yahoo's HotJobs service.


Careerbuilder.com is a nationwide employment portal. The site has a specific sub-page for the city of Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Careerbuilder allows you to build a job profile, store your resume, and apply for jobs without leaving the website, in most cases.


Like Careerbuilder, Monster.com is a nationwide employment website with a specific section for Jacksonville. It has many of the same features as Careerbuilder, including the ability to store your resume and apply for jobs online.


Indeed.com is not a direct job posting service. Instead, it's an aggregator that compiles job posting from a number of different websites and streamlines it into one feed. Although you may find many postings you've seen on other sites, you may run into a listing from a job bank you haven't seen before. Indeed does not have a specific section for Jacksonville, but you can use the “Where” feature to include job listings only in Jacksonville and the surrounding area.

Print Publications

The Florida Times-Union

The Florida Times-Union is Jacksonville's oldest and largest newspaper. Although you won't find listings in the paper you can't find online, the classifieds section is a good resource for job hunting.

The Florida Star

The Florida Star is Northeast Florida's oldest African American-owned newspaper. You can pick up a copy at many retailers, including convenient stores. The classified section usually has a good number of local job listings.

The Jacksonville Observer

The Jacksonville Observer is a weekly circulation distributed free at a number of locations around town. It generally does not have a large number of job postings, but you can usually find a few in the classified section.

The Jacksonville Business Journal

The Jacksonville Business Journal is a weekly subscription newspaper geared toward readers in the business and finance fields. It's a good resource for finance, insurance and general business jobs.

Jacksonville Daily Record

The Jacksonville Dally Record is a daily publication targeted toward the business and legal community. It's a good resource for professional and legal positions.

The Beaches Leader

The Beaches Leader is a community newspaper founded in 1963. It's distributed only in Jacksonville Beach and frequently has area job listings.

Folio Weekly

Folio Weekly is a free newspaper distributed at a number of locations across Jacksonville. The paper's job classified section primarily features national job listings and business opportunities, but occasionally has local jobs.

Recruiters, Temp Agencies and Other Resources

Randstad Agency

Randstad is a nationwide temporary employment and recruiting agency with four offices in Jacksonville. The agency primarily specializes in industrial and professional jobs.


Modis is a staffing firm located in Downtown Jacksonville. The agency specializes in IT and other technical support positions.

Today's Office Professionals

Today's Office Professionals is a nationwide recruiting and temporary staffing agency with an office in Downtown Jacksonville. As the name implies, the company specializes in office and secretarial support positions.

Labor Finders

Labor Finders is located in Downtown Jacksonville. It's a nationwide company that specializes in entry-level labor positions.

First Coast Virtual Job Fair

The First Coast Virtual Job Fair is held several times per year. It's similar to any other job fair except it's completely online. The job fair is supported by Worksource Florida, Jacksonville's workforce development agency.

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