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Resources for Finding a Job in Jacksonville
Finding a job in Jacksonville can be a challenge if you don't have the right resources available. With an unemployment rate around 11.5 percent at the beginning of 2011, the job market is competitive, even for well-qualified seekers.

Top 10 Employers in Jacksonville, Florida
A quick look at the top 10 employers in Jacksonville, Florida by number of employees.

Florida Bankruptcy Law - Filing Bankruptcy in FL
Florida seems to have a new twist in bankruptcy law. The means test is used in most bankruptcy courts to insure that Debtors that can afford to repay must file as Chapter 13 cases and repay something to their creditors.

904 Debuts
The publishers of Jacksonville Magazine and Jacksonville Magazine's Home recently debuted 904, a slick new publication covering Northeast Florida business in a whole new way.

How to Register to Vote in Duval County
Get active in local and national politics. The first step is registering to vote. Duval County in Jacksonville makes it easy for residents to register to vote.

Sheriff Takes Aim at Local Media
Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford says the local media is to blame for an exaggerated perception of the city as a dangerous, crime-ridden area. And he's got a solution: out with the familiar yellow crime scene tape, in with something new.

Duval County 2008 Primary Election Results
Find out how your candidate fared in the 2008 Primary Elections.

Jacksonville Journey's Faith-Based Initiative
Jacksonville leaders turn to the faith community to help reduce crime and save our city's youth.

Qualifying for Special Elections Ends Friday
Qualifying for Special Elections in Duval and surrounding counties ends Friday. Think you've got what it takes to lead? Get down to your Supervisor of Elections office quick!

Jacksonville's Film History
Once known as the "Winter Film Capital of the World," Jacksonville has a movie making history that spans a full century. Home to the nation's only surviving, full silent film studio complex, the River City also played a role in the advent of African American films. And it remains a favored spot among industry heavy hitters including actor John Travolta.

Florida Forum Announces Speakers
Seven stars of film, radio and politics make the lineup of speakers for the 17th annual Florida Forum's 2008-2009 series. Presented by the Women’s Board of Wolfson Children’s Hospital, the four-event series brings world leaders, entertainers and experts to the Jacksonville to raise funds - $4.5 million to date - for new medical equipment, programs and facilities.

Peyton Plans to Fight Crime with No New Taxes
Armed with recommendations of The Jacksonville Journey committees, Mayor John Peyton vows to craft one of the largest public safety investments in the River City's history without raising taxes.

Mayor John Peyton's Proposed Budget Focuses on War on Crime
His $972.3 million plan is designed to make Jacksonville safer, greener and more economical. And it comes at a bargain, with the smallest annual city budget increase in years.

Mayor John Peyton's Budget Speech Rallies Citizens
With local crime and the cost of living on the rise, Mayor John Peyton's budget speech aims to rally citizens. Peyton promises unprecedented investments in public safety and healing the St. Johns River, as well as an expansion of Jacksonville's port and development of Cecil Commerce Center. If you missed his presentation to the Jacksonville City Council, read it here.

Mayor John Peyton's Proposed 2008-2009 Fiscal Budget
Mayor John Peyton's proposed 2008-2009 fiscal budget gets tough on crime and easy on the environment while promising to go light on taxpayer's wallets. No new taxes, Peyton promises, noting his proposed budget calls for the smallest increase in years. Read the entire proposed budget here.

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