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Recycling in Jacksonville

Getting started with the city's recycling program


Jacksonville Recycling Bin
City of Jacksonville

Are you interesting in learning more about Jacksonville's recycling program? Residents can help our city thrive, and help keep our river clean by participating in the city recycling program. Just call 630-2489 (630-CITY) for your free blue recycling bin and more information, or visit www.coj.net.

While the city previously stopped distributing the bins, they have begun to do so again. If you'd prefer to use your own bin, you may do so as well.

During 2000, an analysis in Florida showed just how tremendous the impact of recycling was on the state's economy and employment. Florida gained nearly $62 million in tax revenues from the recycling business. Moreover, recycling created five times as many worker positions as did all of the convenience stores in Florida. Today, many jobs are being outsourced, but recycling keeps jobs and other benefits local for the Jacksonville community.

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Recyclables To Put In Your Blue Bin

The main categories for recyclables are paper, plastic, glass and metal. In the paper category are mail, newspapers, magazines, brochures and voter's pamphlets, circulars from schools, old telephone books, brown paper bags and cardboard. Cardboard includes both corrugated and fiberboard, or cereal box cardboard. Recyclable glass is either brown, green or clear. Metals include aluminum foil and metal food containers such as pie tins.

Newly Added To The List Of Things To Recycle:


  • Milk, juice, soy milk and soup containers


  • Styrofoam meat containers
  • Egg containers, coffee cups, take-out food containers
  • Margarine, cottage cheese and yogurt containers
  • CD containers, hard plastic refillable water dispenser containers

Notes About Recycling In Jacksonville

  • There is no need to remove labels from plastic containers.
  • If you need more space after filling your blue bin, put recyclables in a brown grocery bag.
  • Please flatten corrugated cardboard boxes.
  • Call (904) 630-CITY to have appliances and tires picked up.
  • Call your waste hauler if you need an extra day of garbage pickup, which is available for a small fee.

Amazingly, by recycling one aluminum pop-can, enough energy-savings are produced to keep a TV running for three hours. Aluminum is an excellent material to recycle, because it is reusable an infinite number of times. Adversely, by treating an aluminum can as garbage, it will still be a can in a landfill five centuries from now. By recycling, we save our earth's non-renewable resources by replacing them with ones that are easily reusable. We all need to do our part to preserve the earth and Jacksonville is proud to lead the way.

Click here to download Jacksonville's curbside recycling flyer and learn more about the types of consumer goods that can be recycled.

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