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Got the munchies? Find restaurants that serve up every taste from grab-n-go organic cafes to Southern, sit-down, soul food joints to gourmet, dinner-only establishments. Funky cafes, upscale wine shops and coffee houses that attract clientele as eclectic as the coffee selections abound in Jacksonville.
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Best Riverside Area Restaurants - Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville's Riverside area features a number of impressive restaurants, so it was tough to narrow this list down. Here are some of the neighborhood's best eateries, with a preference for those locally-owned and operating

Jacksonville Restaurants Open on Christmas Day
Sometimes Christmas dinner cooking goes terribly wrong, and sometimes you don't feel like starting the process in the first place. If you aren't up for a meal at home this Christmas, you're in luck. A handful of high-quality restaurants are open on Christmas Day in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving
Each year, millions of Americans choose to eat out for Thanksgiving rather than prepare a traditional feast at home, or visit family. While there are a number of reasons for this, the fact remains that some families will be looking for an alternative option. On Thanksgiving 2011, there are a handful of Jacksonville restaurants offering special...

Best Italian Restaurants in Jacksonville
A list of Italian dining options in the Jacksonville area, with a concentration on locally-owned and operated restaurants.

The Gluten-Free Guide to Jacksonville, Florida
A guide to dining out, grocery shopping and satisifying your sweet tooth for residents of Jacksonville, Florida with celiac disease or others on a gluten-free diet.

Best Locally Owned Coffee Shops in Jacksonville, FL
List of the top coffee shops in Jacksonville, Florida, in no particular order. All the coffee shops listed are locally owned and operated.

Aroma's Cigars, Wine & Martini Bar
Aroma's takes a new twist on the traditional cigar bar.

Peterbrooke Chocolatier
A growing Jacksonville-based confectionery whips up chocolate in the European tradition.

Open Your Own Restaurant in Jacksonville
Statistics show restaurants are one of the riskiest business ventures. So, if you’re thinking about firing up the grill in your own diner, make sure you have a recipe for success first. The University of North Florida's Small Business Development Center offers all the ingredients you need, including information on funding sources, counseling and testimonials from successful local restaurateurs.

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