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How Many Parks Does Jacksonville Have?


How Many Parks Does Jacksonville Have?

Riverside Park

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How many parks are there in Jacksonville?


There are 262 parks in Jacksonville, FL, as well as dozens of community and recreation centers. The city of Jacksonville operates the largest urban park system in the United States, devoting over 80,000 acres of land space to community parks.

The majority of the land space is devoted to preservation parks, such as Benz Tiger Point Preserve and Reddie Point Reserve. The remaining space is made up by city parks, such as Hemming Plaza in Downtown Jacksonville, and community parks such as Riverside Park and Memorial Park.

Jacksonville also has several specialty parks, such as Cuba Hunter Park -- a skateboard park, District II Regional Park, an outdoor facility devoted to disc golf, and Lannie Road Park, a park for radio controlled airplanes and helicopters.

Be sure to check out pictures of some of Jacksonville's parks in our photo gallery.

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