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About.com's Jacksonville Guide answers reader-submitted questions. Send your question in to see if it's answered, or browse through previously answered questions.

What are the worst neighborhoods in Jacksonville?
In many ways, what constitutes a "bad" neighborhood is in the eye of the beholder. For example, some may dread hustle, bustle and traffic in highly populated neighborhoods, and vice versa. There remains one standard to use when determining a "bad" neighborhood that never fails: its crime rate.

How far is Atlanta from Jacksonville? What is the Best Route?
How far is Jackonville from Atlanta? How long does it take to drive to Atlanta from Jacksonville? The About Jacksonville Guide answers reader submitted questions.

Why are the bridge lights blue?
There is no specific reason neon blue was chosen, other than for aesthetic/visibility reasons. In a nutshell, it's functional and attractive, and it highlights the beauty of the St. John's River.

Is Jacksonville the most dangerous city in Florida?
For 11 years, Jacksonville (Duval County) held the dubious title of being the "Murder Capital" of Florida, based on murder rates. In 2011, the rate for most crime dropped in Jacksonville, and the city lost its infamous (Whew!) title.

How much are Jaguars season tickets?
The cheapest Jaguars season tickets are $330 and located in sections 432 and 441, in the upper-corners of the East upper deck. From there, tickets range from $410 to $995 for non-club seats, depending on the location.

How many bridges are in Jacksonville?
From Erica in Jacksonville, FL: How many major bridges are there in Jacksonville and what are their names? Answer: There are eight major bridges in Jacksonville. Here is the list of them, in no particular order

How Many Parks Does Jacksonville Have?
There are 262 parks in Jacksonville, FL, as well as dozens of community and recreation centers. The city of Jacksonville operates the largest urban park system in the United States, devoting over 80,000 acres of land space to community parks.

What is the crime rate in Jacksonville?
What is Jacksonville's crime rate? Is it on the rise, or on the decline? Let's take a look at the current crime rate compared to the past.

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