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The Wild History of Roller Skates, or Dry Land Skating - Inventors
The invention of roller skates, the wild history, and funny moments.
Will quad roller skates become extinct? - Inline Skating - About.com
Find out if quad roller skates will become extinct. Find out the effect that inline skating has had on traditional roller skating.
Quad Roller Skating Styles and Disciplines
There are two kinds of roller skate available - inline skates with all of the wheels in a straight line and quad roller roller skates with two wheels side-by-side in the  ...
Quad Roller Skate History - Inline Skating - About.com
Learn about the history of quad roller skates. Review the roller skating development time line. Learn when improvements were made in the 19th century to ...
Is It Easier to Roller Skate or Inline Skate? - Inline Skating - About.com
Learn whether inline skating or roller skating is easier. Find out if rollerblading is more difficult than quad skating.
The Evolution of Inline Roller Skates - Inline Skating - About.com
Some companies continued to design skates using wheels in a line , but they were not taken seriously. 1818. In Berlin, Germany, inline roller skates were used  ...
Vertical Roller Skating on Quads - Inline Skating - About.com
Learn that aggressive quad roller skating on half pipe ramps and rails is called vertical or vert roller skating.
Quad Roller Figure Skating: An Introduction to Artistic Roller Skating
Find out about quad roller figure skating activities, where the artistic skaters execute figure program requirements on quad skates instead of ice or inline skates.
Quad Roller Skating Sports - Inline Skating - About.com
Learn about many related roller skating activities that are also done on quad roller skates. Discover figure skating, speed skating, hockey, derby and more ...
Things to Consider When Buying Inline and Quad Roller Skate ...
Learn about the other considerations beyond ratings for inline and quad skate bearings. Page 3.
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