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Edward R. Jenkins

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Edward lived within two hours of Jacksonville as a child and found himself drawn back to the area as an adult. He currently lives in Downtown Jacksonville. He's also lived in Northeast Louisiana. In his spare time, he enjoys writing fiction, visiting parks and coffee shops, and helping out as a volunteer photographer for Animal Care and Protective Services, the city of Jacksonville's animal shelter.


Edward is a Web developer and writer in Jacksonville. He has contributed to a number of magazines and Web publications, including Ancestry.com and the online edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. Edward is the former editor of Jags Report, a publication covering the Jacksonville Jaguars. In addition to his work with About.com, Edward runs a small development and SEO consulting firm called Cardigan Media. You can also follow him on Facebook and his personal blog.

By Edward R. Jenkins:

Jacksonville has a beautiful river, great food and entertainment, a rich history, and a bright future. I'm here to help guide you through every aspect of moving to or living on America's First Coast.

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